• Opinel No. 7 Round Tip Knife

Opinel No. 7 Round Tip Knife


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Classic Opinel folding knife complete with locking collar and rounded safety tip.  Traditionally marketed for children as "Mon premiere Opinel" its rounded tip and sharp edge makes it ideal for adult picnics camping and hiking.  The Swedish Sandvik stainless steel blade is corrosion resistant and requires no special care.

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Style: No. 7 Round Tip Trekking
Materials: Swedish Sandvik Stainless Steel, Beech, Leather
Size: 8.5cm Blade


    Joseph Opinel designed and produced the first sturdy, rustic and practical Opinel pocketknife in the Savoie region of France in1890. This simple, everyday object is complicated to manufacture. Over twenty operations are needed and every step is inspected meticulously. Today, Opinel continues to craft its classic folding knives in France and is committed to improving waste management and preserving natural resources.  Made in France

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