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Mancandle is for every man. Mancandles allow any man to be able to enhance his space be it at work, at home or mancave with one or a combination of 4 sophisticated fragrances. Putting the finishing touch to a room is no longer left to just the female. Mancandle fragrances smell amazing with approx. 40 hours burn time and truly exceptional scent throw. Total candle height measures 9cm 

145g/5.1oz Made in Australia


Material: Soy Wax, Lead Free Cotton Wick
Colour: Amber
Size: H9cm
Weight: 145g


    L’Ascari candles are made in Australia using traditional artisan methods by hand pouring the wax and hand blending the perfumes. The consistency of the fragrance and soy wax used in L’Ascari candles allows for a stronger and purer scent throw. This creates exceptional candles with the desired scent for any environment with a safe and clean burn. All wicks used in L’Ascari candles are twisted cotton, made from all natural fibers and contain no lead or other harmful metals. Only soy wax from environmentally friendly earth grown soybeans are used in every candle.  Made in Australia

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