• Abbeyhorn Stag Antler Crown Handle  and Horn Shoehorn

Abbeyhorn Stag Antler Crown Handle and Horn Shoehorn


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From the last remaining horn works in England, established in 1749, A stunning and very robust horn shoehorn, with a handle made from deer antler crown thereby mixing texture and colour. Made in Cumbria, England

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Please note all items are made from natural materials and variations will occur.


Material: Antler, horn, leather
Length: Approximately 43cm


Established in 1749 in Worcestershire and now crafted in Cumbria, Abbeyhorn like tradition and still do things the ‘old way’. Traditional methods and machinery are still used to cut, saw, mould and polish the horns into our unique products.

The old horn workers would never quote the turnover of the company as a value, instead they would quote by quantity of horns used. Here at Abbeyhorn, we use this traditional method and can say that in 2018, our total quantity of individual horns processed and manufactured by hand, was around 90,000.

The modern day, skilled workforce has 142 years’ experience between them. Graham having the most experience with 44 years, closely followed by Paul with 38. For a small company, who currently employ only 12 members of staff (9 of these horn workers), have over 1000 trade customers and a popular retail website, and feel it is quite an achievement to be such a busy and popular business.

As well as being a popular, luxury item, horn has unique qualities and is the original, organic Plastic. It has all the same attributes of plastic without the terrible side effects. It is exceedingly strong and durable, it responds easily to heat and can be bent and shaped with ease and it doesn’t carry flavour, and this is why it is great for use as bowls, spoons and salad servers.

Horn is a by-product of the meat industry and with it being a natural, biodegradable material it has been ground up and used as fertiliser for hundreds of years as it is so rich in calcium it is great for use in the garden and for growing crops. Once discarded, it will leave no footprint for future generations to worry about unlike plastic. The company today has a flourishing export market and with the power of the internet, it has reached many different countries worldwide. America and Japan are our main oversea markets, however in the most recent years, we have seen hornware travel as far as the sunnier climates of Australia and up to the cooler climates of Iceland. 

Proud to be the last remaining horn works in Britain.

Made in Great Britain.

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