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Be a Malevich Architectons


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A construction game inspired by the Alpha architecton of famed Russian Constructivist architect Kazimir Malevich. The idea is simple: you play at being Malevich as you create your own architectons – architectural models, cityscapes and sculptural forms.
Handmade from wood and painted in white to a texture very similar to the original plaster used by Malevich. Made in Spain


Style: Architectons
Material: Painted Timber
Colour: White
Size: L25cm x W7cm x H6cm


    Behind BeaMalevich is the story of Xavier Vidal, an entrepreneur from Barcelona who, after living four years in Moscow, one day stood in awe before Kasimir Malevich's Black Square displayed at the Tetriakov Gallery. Xavier didn't interpret that square as a dark hole, but as the threshold into an unknown world. Today, BeaMalevich is a company that develops and distributes objects inspired by art, architecture and creativity.

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