• Joseph Rodgers - Army Knife

Joseph Rodgers - Army Knife


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This all stainless steel, two piece Army Knife of time proven design, features a stainless steel sheepfoot blade for heavy duty cutting and a can opener.  The handle has an integrated screwdriver and is fitted with a shackle to allow attachment to a lanyard.

This is an excellent, robust utility knife for anyone and is stamped proudly with the "Genuine British Army Knife" mark.

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Style: Army Knife
Materials: Stainess Steel
Size: Sheepfoot Main Blade - 60mm


    The company was founded in 1724 and quickly gained the reputation for producing the best quality items in Sheffield.  The name is now owned by Eggington Brrothers and is still being stamped on Sheffield made cutlery today.  Made in the UK

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