• Redecker Moustache Brush

Redecker Moustache Brush


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Redecker's whimsical Moustache + Beard Brush features stiff black bristles to tame wayward whiskers and keep your beard looking sharp. The bristles also help to stimulate skin and promote hair growth. Made in Germany.


Style: Moustache

Material: Oiled Beech Wood, Stiff Boar BristleColour: Natural

Size: L8.5cm x W2.8cm x D2.6cm


    After Friedrich Redecker began to go lose his sight at the age of four he was enrolled at a school for the blind. There he received the standard training for the blind at that time: the craft of making brushes. In time, Friedrich’s entrepreneurial spirit and need to provide for his wife and three sons lead him to found his own company. Germany

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