• The Melbourne Map Jigsaw Puzzle
  • The Melbourne Map Jigsaw Puzzle

The Melbourne Map Jigsaw Puzzle


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For serious puzzle enthusiasts, The Melbourne Map Jigsaw Puzzle will delight.

Enjoy Melbourne piece by piece in this beautiful 1000 piece jigsaw.

The jigsaw puzzle presents not only a challenge but also a chance to wander through Melbourne discovering renowned streets, parks and buildings. Puzzlers will have the chance to delight in every tiny detail that has been created as part of the illustrated hand-drawn artwork.

We’re thrilled to release the 1000 Piece Jigsaw puzzle version of The Melbourne Map and like the high quality of the Melbourne Map, we wanted to ensure the Jigsaw was also of the best quality and built for purpose.

Are you ready to discover Melbourne like never before?

The Melbourne Map jigsaw puzzle would make a delightful gift or a keepsake of Melbourne to have as your own.


Finished Size: 690mm x 495mm
Pieces: 1,000


      Without the advantages of modern digital technology and the power of the internet or social media, the first Melbourne Map published in 1990 became the highest selling poster of its time, making its way into tens of thousands of homes and businesses locally, interstate and overseas. It attracted media attention and was reproduced in Melbourne’s major newspapers and featured on radio and television programs.

      The significant changes to Melbourne’s skyline over the past 28 years means that the original Melbourne Map is now quite out of date.   Originally the idea was to use modern technology, scan the old map and put in the new buildings.   It quickly became apparent that this wouldn’t work, too much had changed so a new illustration was started from scratch.

      The (new) Melbourne Map  line drawing is completely hand illustrated. We took loads of photos and video during our ground research and accessed aerial information on the internet.  The new illustration has included changes to the footprint of the city in the past 28 years: adding in Federation Square, Docklands precinct, the new Melbourne Sport & Entertainment precincts, Birrarung Marr, Crown and Southbank, Southern Cross Station, Melbourne Museum and new city buildings.

      This version has been extended to the north and over into the Western suburbs, to include Williamstown, Newport, Yarraville, Seddon, Footscray etc.

      Lewis Brownlie (chief illustrator) initially used pencil to draft in all the streets and buildings and then began the process of inking the final illustration.  This took two and a half years, more than double the time we originally estimated.

      Deborah Young (character illustrator and original artist of the first Melbourne Map)  added further character to the drawing penning people, boats, cars, planes, the map monster and a few more quirky elements within the drawing.

      Sean Rodwell (digital colourist) studied with amazing detail the colours of the city and faithfully added his expertise to create the final colour version.

      There is no doubt about it, Melbournians and her visitors love this city.   We are so excited to have completed the project and now able to share this illustration with the world to be treasured as an historic Melbourne memento.

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